Electronic PHQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t remember my dates of employment?
A: You can save your PHQ and return to it later, after you have looked up your employment dates, to complete the missing information.
Q: What if I don’t want to give consent for electronic signature?
A: Electronic Consent is required to fill out the electronic PHQ. Multiple other nuclear licensees now use electronic consent to conduct security screening meeting regulatory requirements. If you do not want to give your electronic consent, please contact Access Authorization.
Q: I don’t remember my last favorable termination date. What date should I enter?
A: If the exact date of your last access is needed, it was included in your instructions, along with the name of the last site where you had access. Otherwise, just provide the information based on your best recollection. Contact Access Authorization and they can provide you with your last termination date.
Q: I am getting an error on a page because my name and SSN are missing from the top of the page, but there are no boxes for me to enter it. What do I do?
A: You must fill this information in on the Electronic Consent page (page 1 of the PHQ). This will auto-populate the rest of the pages.
Q: Should I list jobs that I only worked at for one or two days?
A: Yes, list all of your employment history regardless of length.
Q: What should I do if I don’t have a home phone number for my references, since the field is required?
A: You can enter a cell phone number into this field if you don’t have a home phone number.
Q: What if I do not have a Social Security Number?
A: Contact Access Authorization and they will provide you with further instructions.
Q: I filled out most of my PHQ a couple days ago and all the pages verified. Now there are errors on some of the pages and it says the date is incorrect. How do I fix this?
A: You are required to have a current date on all of your consent pages when your PHQ is submitted. Change the dates on the signature pages to today’s date. If you intend to finish your PHQ in another session later, you can wait until you are ready to submit your PHQ to fix your consent dates so you are not forced to update them again later.
Q: What do the gaps mean on the Review page?
A: You are required to submit your employment, unemployment, military and education history (as applicable) for the time frame specified. If you received this warning, it’s because there was a gap in your history. You will need to return to the pages where you entered your records, and enter or edit records to cover the date gap.
Q: I move around quite a bit and stay in hotels/motels for periods greater than 30 days. Do I list those as an address?
A: No. Enter your permanent address.
Q: What if I can only provide one or two references?
A: In order to provide the most comprehensive information, you’ll need to provide the 3 references that are required.
Q: Can I provide family members as references?
A: No. Family members are not allowed to be used as references.
Q: Should I only list unemployment periods when I was actually collecting unemployment?
A: No, list all dates that you were not working or attending school. The purpose is to verify your activities during these times.
Q: I have 2 jobs within the same time period. Do I include both in the employment history section?
A: Yes. Include all employment in the specified period requested. Overlapping employment is allowed.
Q: I worked a couple jobs with only two days off in between. Do I still need to list unemployment in between those jobs?
A: Yes, no gaps in your history are allowed. Submit an unemployment period for the days in between jobs.
Q: If I’m an independent consultant for a home based company (i.e. Pampered Chef / Creative Memories); do I include this as employment?
A: Yes.
Q: I only went to school (or I’m only going to school) in the evenings, or attending on-line education only, should I still add the education even if I still work full-time?
A: Yes. Any type of education should be included in the application.
Q: Do I add my union apprenticeship classes as education?
A: Yes. Many union apprenticeship classes expand over a period of time and this is useful information for the investigation.
Q: I have no credit and I’ve only borrowed money from family members. Do I add them as a credit reference?
A: Yes. If you have no credit references other than someone you borrowed money from, you can list them on the application as a credit reference source. Remember, other credit references that may be listed include bank accounts, utilities in your name, and history of rental payments for a home or apartment.
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